Best Happy Birthday Text Messages and Wishes

Birthday SMS or Text messages aren’t just about saying happy birthday, but about showing your friend, lover, or family that you remembered them on their special day.

 The best birthday wishes can touch the heart of loved ones, make spouses feel appreciated, and even make co-workers or employees feel appreciated.

Get your friends, relatives, co-workers, and beloved Ones the best Birthday wishes with some of these short, simple, and creative Happy Birthday text messages and Wishes! Send a card or an SMS or text; that’ll make them feel appreciated!

Note: You may need to modify some of these wishes based on your relationship status and the gender of the receiver. Although the sentiments come from your heart and are written in the universal language of love.

short & simple Happy birthday text messages

The sweetest child on the planet celebrates his birthday today! Happy birthday, sweetie!

Mom & Dad wish you a very happy birthday! I pray that God will grant you all happiness in life. May all your wishes be granted by god. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, sweetheart! God placed you in my heart and in my life to make it awesome! I love you so much.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I will be checking in with you to see how everything goes!

The world’s greatest sibling has provided me with countless fantastic memories. Here are countless memories yet to come. I love you, sis!

The way you’re looking at me right now confirms that we’re going to grow old and be weird! Well, weird isn’t so bad after all! Happy birthday! Here’s to many more crazy and wild years.

I’m very sorry I couldn’t stay up until midnight for your birthday, sweetheart. Hope you had a fantastic day! I love you!

My best wishes to you on your birthday! I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

Wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday. Have a wonderful time in celebration of your special day.

My warmest greetings go out to my charming cousin. Without you, the world would not be the same. You are the best! Happy birthday!

creative happy birthday text messages

Remember how well you used to blow out my candles? Now you have to let someone else do it because there are so many!

On your birthday, I would like to share with you few words of wisdom. Feel free to smile while you have teeth. Happy return of the day to you.

You are the most loving, caring, and the kind-hearted man I have ever known. I hope you live a thousand years more and love me till the end of time!

Flying papers, colorful balloons, Dedicated blossom, great people, Love, and sarcasm. What does this mean? I wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday to an upcoming star – may your candles shine as bright as stars and sun on your birthday cake!

It’s just another day for the world. My favorite day of the year is today! My love, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, dear, God bless you. You are everything to me. I wouldn’t be the person I am without you.

This is a cute message for the cutest person. From a cute friend for a cute reason cute time from the acute mind a cute mood in a cute style have a cute Happy Birthday!

My crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! Happy birthday to you! I appreciate everything you’ve done for me in the past year and am so grateful for your friendship and everything we’ve done together this year. I hope you have a wonderful day!

In the soft gleaming night of stars may all your dreams come true every star of every night bring love and joy to you happy birthday day to you!

My dear cousin, I wish you continued success on your birthday. The good life awaits you. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest child in the universe. May your Big Day be as sweet as your birthday cake.

One more year old and the wrinkles are starting to show. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could see the white hairs gracing your scalp! Anyway, just kidding. Happy birthday, mate.

happy birthday text messages FOR BEST FRIEND

Happy Birthday to a diva at least twice as big as I am.

You are one of those friends that are more precious than gold. I hope your special day sparkles and the coming year is filled with prosperity and joy.

I’m so grateful to the Lord for you, dear friend. May you have the best day ever, even though you’ll be working! I love you dearly!

Can we celebrate your birthday tonight and find out if you are crazy, me crazy, or if we are all crazy together? Happy birthday to my crazy best friend.

My best wishes to you on this memorable day. I hope you’ll be filled with joy and blessings.

The most important thing we can do is create stories for our grandchildren. Let’s go out tonight and have some fun. Because it’s your birthday and being silly is what we’re best at.

Some people grow wiser as they age. Some people become wealthier as they age. But everybody ages, so best of luck on the other two, and happy birthday!

You’re not getting any older… you’re getting smarter! I’m so glad to call you my friend every single day!

Happy birthday to you! I promise not to spill any beans if you share all your birthday presents with me.

It’s an honor that the most wonderful man in this world is my sibling from another mother. Happy birthday.

I hope you receive the best gift today knowing how much I appreciate you.

Congratulations!!! What a great way to start the most wonderful year of your life!

A happy birthday to you, and here’s to a lifetime of friendships. Here’s to many more years of good fortune for you.

Thank you. You’re one of those friends who just make every day a little better!

happy birthday text messages FOR Brother

Thank you for making me feel comfortable and for being someone I could share life with. Happy birthday.

Hi Dickhead, let’s celebrate the awesomeness of you and share it with everyone! Have a nice day.

Thanks for giving us an excuse for a celebration with your birthday.

Wishing my stylish ugly brother a glamorous birthday and another year of looking fabulous! Have a great day! Happy Birthday!

Being young is a privilege. Being attractive is a genetic gift. Being cool, that is all yours. Happy birthday, Brother.

I hope that you have a wonderful day. And I hope that your special day brings you hope and happiness.

Do not forget to include me in your birthday celebration. Happy birthday. I love you just as much as I like cake at birthday parties.

It doesn’t matter if you have one birthday or a dozen. Maybe you should stop counting. Happy birthday, again

My brother, I knew you were trouble from the moment you were born. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

A happy birthday! You are only young once, so make the most of your youth while you can. Time passes far too fast, and you will never get back these years.

I wish you the best of luck and happiness on your birthday! Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement over the years and I look forward to the years ahead.

Happy birthday, my dear! The more I get older, the more I see that I am not as old as you!

happy birthday text messages FOR sister

You dazzle people with your kindness and generosity, Sister. You do more than stand out in a crowd; thanks for always helping to bring the sparkle back into my life.

Happy birthday crazy sister, you are definitely my kind of crazy.

You mean the world to me. Just like a diamond, you sparkle and shine. The very best birthday wishes to my irreplaceable sister.

You are an amazing sister. Not only do you shower me with love, but you know exactly who I am. I am so grateful.

Congrats to a woman who has it all, including me!

I hope that your birthday deepens our bond and strengthens our affection. I love you, sister.

Thank you for brightening my life in the dullest of moments. You are truly one of a kind!

Happy Birthday, sister! May you have many more happy, enjoyable, and fulfilling years ahead.

My dear sister, it’s your birthday! I hope it brings you so much joy and blessings as you have been to others.

If everyone had a sister like you, the world would be a better place. Have a fantastic birthday, sister.

I consider it a rare gift to have a sister as magnificent as you. You radiate warmth and compassion, and I’m so privileged to be your sister.

I will always be there for you when you need me. No matter how much you frustrate me, you are a part of me that I will always cherish. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, sis, and may your day bring you unimaginable joy and endless happiness. Happy birthday to the princess who deserves it the most.

It has been another year of life’s progress. You are rarely irritating anymore. I love you just as you are. Happy birthday to your love.

happy birthday text messages FOR mom

From afar, twinkle, twinkle, little star. Happy birthday. Missing you, Mom.

Mom, you are the type of woman that people admire and love. You are beautiful, strong, brave, and wise.

Happy birthday, Mom. I am thankful for you. You have the biggest heart in the world!

Throughout my life, you have always been there for me. There will never be enough words to convey my gratitude for having such a wonderful mom, but I can begin by telling you I love you so much.

Happiness is having a mother like you. Sending you love, joy, and happiness today.

If you want, we can start by taking off some of these candles. Happy birthday to my youthful mother.

A huge happy birthday to you, mom. I hope your birthday is memorable, bright, colorful, and exciting.

Thanks, mom, for being a phenomenal person. You are endearing, thoughtful, and courageous. I am so lucky to have a person like you in my life. Happy birthday!

Your advice has been such a great help to me over the years, Mom. On this special day, I want to present my thanks.

In the stormiest of times, you have always been my stronghold. Happy birthday, Mom!

I am in awe of how you do it every year; you gain strength, wisdom, and love. Happy birthday to my wonderful mom!

I love you so much, mom. Happy birthday!

happy birthday text messages FOR Dad

Thanks, Dad! I have these good looks because your genes influenced me so much as a child.

Happy birthday, father! I am lucky to say that you are my father. I wish you the best.

Happy birthday to the man I admire and love more than anyone else.

Have the happiest birthday ever! Could this day be filled with happiness, fun, and laughter?

Because of you, I was given the best father in the world. You have been a REAL father who truly loves me with his whole heart.

Wear your gray hairs with pride dad. They remind me of what a terrible child I was. Thanks for not killing me dad.

Your hair isn’t going bald, it’s becoming more aerodynamic.

My father, you taught me how wonderful this world is and how to deal with challenges and difficult times in my life. Thank you for everything, and Happy Birthday Daddy.

Dad, laughter, and love are the best gifts you have given me, thanks for that, and happy birthday!

I appreciate your always keeping me safe when all the monsters hid under the bed and in the closet. Happy birthday!

Even though we cannot choose fathers, if I had a choice I would still choose you. Happy birthday to the king of fathers!

Dad, thank you for being the best friend I could have had. Happy birthday to you!

I am lucky to call you my teacher, my friend, and my daily inspiration. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Happy birthday, dad! You are like a busy student. You have a lot of classes.

I am grateful to the man who inspired me to dream big and achieve that dream. Happy birthday, Dad!

Your advice allowed me to reach the top because of your loving guidance. Happy birthday, dear Dad!

happy birthday text messages FOR her

It is such a blessing to be married to such an incredible woman by my side. You are amazing, and I hope your birthday celebrates your beauty and your goodness.

It is a pleasure to celebrate the birthday of my wife, the one who has helped me become the person I am today.

I’m sending my wife this loving birthday greeting. I’m sorry I can’t celebrate with you this year, but I’m counting down the minutes until I can. Happy birthday my love.

Congratulations on your birthday, beautiful wife. I couldn’t be happier to share this life with you. I love you.

Imagine your birthday as a reflection of our success together. Here’s to many more years together.

I wish you all the best because, during good times and bad times, I will cherish you deeply. I hope you always feel my love for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

After all these years you are still my queen. Thank you for being such a good and benevolent dictator in our marriage. I mean that with all my heart (and humor).

My Brilliant Wife, Happy Birthday! Let’s get out and do whatever it is that makes you happy today! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

I’m so glad you’re here, too! You’re amazing, and I’ll celebrate you and your special day a little more. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, My Dear Wife. You are an incredible woman. I feel so lucky to be your husband.

I wish the lady of my life a happy birthday. You are so sweet, caring, and loving, and I wish you many more unforgettable birthdays.

There aren’t enough words to describe how dearly I love you, but I hope that my adoring smile will convey my appreciation. Happy birthday, my wife.

happy birthday text messages FOR him

You are my favorite person in my life! Happy birthday, we may never lose each other. You have brought happiness and peace in my life when I have been lacking it. I love you.

Honey, I want you to know that you are just like red peppers. The older you get, the riper you get and the hotter you get as well. Happy birthday to my fiery husband!

My delightful, handsome, and sexy husband has a birthday today! Happy Birthday to him!

Happy Birthday, Hubby! I can’t think of words to describe you: marvelous, amazing, unique, outstanding, strong, incredible. Wishing you the best.

I can’t imagine life without you and I’m thankful I don’t have to imagine that! I am grateful to you for bringing peace and love into my life. Marrying you was the best decision I have ever made, and I’m so glad that you said yes.

Happy birthday to one of the best husbands in the world…”

I love you so much, and I wish you a birthday as breathtaking and memorable as you deserve.

I know I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up whenever I have a bad day. I feel special because of you every day. Today, I want to make you feel extra special.”

I love you more than anything in the world. I’m blessed to have you. Happy birthday, sweet husband.

Having a great boyfriend is helpful. I can tell myself that I am drooling over you when I do at night. Happy birthday, sweetie!

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